How to Make Yourself Interesting in Video Chat

How to Make Yourself Interesting in Video Chat

Many people who do video chatting with random people on a regular basis feel that meeting new people becomes less exciting with time. You exchange same questions and even know what they are going to reply sometimes. However, it is not like video chatting became boring, it did – but just for you. You have to consider changing something in the way you look, talk, or present yourself. There is a number of ways you can become interesting to random people in video chats and diversify your online communication. Here are some suggestions:

  • Change the way you present yourself

Saying hi to the person staring right at you from the screen is a good way to start a conversation but there surely are more creative ways. For example, why not try showing up as a romantic guitar player, or a funny hero comics lover? The more original and interesting you are based on the first-second impression, the more likely a person is to stay on and keep talking to you.

  • Be funny

Being funny does not mean doing some weird things to your face or preparing whole stand-up shows to your viewers. A good joke or a funny story from life is the right thing to share. Making another person smile or even laugh will definitely set the conversation to the positive tune and you both will feel more relaxed.

  • Do not look numb
  • Some people in video chats look so indifferent and disinterested that it makes you wondering what they are even doing there. Probably, they are just in a bad mood and seek comfort but such an approach will doubtefully help them find any. Your task is to show you are ready to talk and have fun – after all, that is what people come to video chats for.
  • Ask interesting questions

To people who are regular video chat visitors, the “How are you” question sounds like a broken radio. Try asking something different instead – Who is your favourite superhero? What was your worst date? Think out of the box and you are sure to spark interest for yourself in others.

  • Be present

Do not distract and do not try doing three things simultaneously. Do not turn your head from camera to talk to someone outside of camera. When talking with a stranger in video chat, focus your attention on this person, show you are genuinely interested (if you are, of course).    

Do Not Try To Hard

A counter advice is not to overdo with trying to make someone interested. A person may think you are showing off or, in the worst case scenario, just crazy. Behave and look naturally and you will see that people are interested in you because you are an interesting person.

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