How to Flirt with Girls in Video Chats: Five Useful Tips

How to Flirt with Girls in Video Chats: Five Useful Tips

Dating video chats presume its users to flirt with one another. If you decide to look for a date in one of video chat services, you need to make sure you know how to start a conversation, how to make her interested in you, and how to make it look lively and natural. First, consider these don’ts of flirting in video chats:

  • Try to be the one to talk first and do not wait for her to take the initiative;
  • Do not tolerate silence pauzes;
  • Do not use swearings and rude words;
  • Do not be or look distracted.

Five Steps to Take: Flirt Tips

The first rule of flirting is making it look the least like flirting. Open flirting rarely works out and, in most cases, pushes girls away instead. Having met a nice girl in video chat, your task is to have a nice conversation with her and make her interested enough to want to meet you.

Step 1

Greeting. Say “Hey, stranger” or “Hey, you.” Do not instantly try to impress her with your sense of humor. Just make her feel welcome and comfortable.

Step 2

Talk about yourself and ask questions about her. There should be a balance of the two since talking about yourself only and asking questions about her only are both wrong directions to go.

Step 3

Add some emotions. In video chats, you can use face filters or play games together. Use these functions to do something engaging, something that will make you both in good mood.

Step 4

Complement her and tell her some actual stuff you feel about her. Set aside corny phrasing such as “you are so beautiful.” Better tell her that it’s been a while you had such a pleasant conversation with someone.

Step 5

Mention that you would like to meet in person and check her reaction. If she does not like the idea, you will notice a change in behavior or face expression. Probably, she would want to finish the conversation, which is also not a good sign. But if she looks like she would want to go out with you, invite her for a date.

Do Not Rush It

Remember that these are not steps for one video chat conversation. The perks of video chat dating is that it allows to take things slow, giving partners the possibility to get to know each other better. Find out about each other’s interests, see if the two of you actually “click” and then think about moving your online relationships to the real life. Impatience can only scare the girl away.

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