Why a woman cannot find a date on a video chat

Why a woman cannot find a date on a video chat

These days people have already stopped looking for a friend or a lover in real life. The main reason for this tendency is that modern technologies were invented. Nowadays, a lot of human beings spend at least three hours per day using their smart phones. They do not only watch some pictures and videos there but also talk to strangers. Video chats are quite useful for these purposes. These are special services which help users find a crony or even a lover there. More than 20 million people have an account on these websites. Even though there is a great demand for these services and one can find a person to talk easily, some women can’t meet a date there even after several months of using a video chat. There are the main reasons for that in this article.


Woman’s criteria

Even the most beautiful and intelligent females who are looking for a long time relationship cannot find a date even after a year of searching. The most important reason why it happens is her criteria.


If a woman has a list of priorities which is too long, nobody will be able to confirm her personal preferences. Of course, you don’t need to choose the first person you meet on a video chat even though you don’t like him. But you have to remember that some characteristics can be combined with each other.


The reality is not the same as on a video chat

When a woman start talking to a person on a video chat, her imagination creates a perfect picture of the individual she communicates to. Even though they use web cameras for chatting, it is impossible to find out if the parameters of weight and height are real. That is why a female is dissatisfied when she meets her date in real life.


Your intentions are not the same

The statistics demonstrates that women create an account on such services in order to meet a lover for the whole life. However, most males have profiles because they are eager to get along with a woman only for dating. And when both of them understand real purpose, they get apart from each other.


Your shyness is the main reason

Most women who are beautiful enough don’t understand that they are attractive. That is why they have a lot of problems with their confidence. This type of girl is afraid to talk to a person of another gender. Only when they realize that they are good enough and forget about their fears even for a while, they will demonstrate their interlocutor how they act in real life.

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