Teenagers and video chats

Teenagers and video chats

These days it is almost impossible to find a person who doesn’t have any of modern devices. A lot of people cannot imagine their lives without using a computer or a smart phone. They use these gadgets not only when they are working, but also when they need to rest after an exhausting day. A dozen of years ago only adults were using smart phones. However, nowadays even those teenagers who study at the middle school, have at least a mobile phone. Majority of them also use computers or laptops daily. The main reason why parents buy these devices for their children is to take care of them and to know where they are going. But these gadgets can also be used by teenagers to install some games and other programs or to text. Moreover, many young adults use their phones for chatting with strangers on a video chat. These programs only need a web camera for communication. Many parents are concerned that this passion is dangerous for their kids. To find out if these websites are harmful for teens read the article.

Should parents worry?

Even though the developers have created video chats specifically for teenagers, even these resources can be risky for this age. Unfortunately, there are lots of abusers on the internet who can pretend to be teen’s friend. But after a couple of conversations it’s obvious that the interlocutor has absolutely different intentions. However, many teenagers do not understand that and continue talking to them. They don’t only tell the intruder about their daily life but even say personal information about their relatives.


Furthermore, a lot of chats offer users to share their location. This can attract thieves or other criminals to the teen’s house. One should learn a lot about another user before telling him where he lives.


How to protect a teenager

It is impossible to make a teenager stop using his mobile phone. However, parents can protect their children using other ways. If you have found out that your kid has met a friend on a video chat, try to know more about that person. However, don’t try to read what they text to each other. If a teenager finds out that, he won’t trust you anymore.


But if you feel that the stranger is offensive to your child, try to make sure if your assumptions are real. You will understand that after several conversations on more personal topics. Tell him that he doesn’t need to do anything what makes him feel uncomfortable.

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