Pros and Cons of “Zoom” Online Video Chat

Pros and Cons of “Zoom” Online Video Chat

Nowadays, large companies and organizations choose Zoom for the following reasons:

  1. The cam chat is stable and works without failures despite a great load due to a large number of users. Still, Zoom manages to support thousands of conferences at the same time;
  2. An organizer of an online conference has all tools in his/her hands. The user who organizes the video conference has the right to turn the microphone on and off, as well as turn off the video or request all participants to turn on cameras;
  3. The organizer can also leave notes, use interactive elements to engage participants;
  4. The administrator can appoint an “assistant” – a co-administrator. He/she will also have the ability to turn microphones on and off, rename video chats, divide them into “video chat rooms”;
  5. A screen demonstration can be paused. In addition, you can share and display not only the entire screen but also individual applications or parts of your screen; for example, include a demonstration of the browser. In the settings, you can give the opportunity to share screens to participants or turn on the restriction so that only the organizer can do this;
  6. Zoom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard that can be shown to all participants during a video conference. This function is actively used by teachers and tutors during online classes;
  7. You can record a video conference and pause it at the right moments. Later, this video can be sent to colleagues or students who were late for the video call or could not attend it;
  8. The video chat is equipped with a built-in function for a blurry video background if you do not want colleagues to see the interior of your room.

The online platform also has cons. Here they are:

  • Some users state that the increase in popularity of the cam chat is a big minus, as this can lead to system malfunctions. However, recently the director of the company assured that his employees are working hard to increase the capabilities of the application. According to his words, even if all schools in the USA arrange online classes in Zoom at the same time, the quality will not worsen;
  • Complex non-responsive interface. Many users complained that before starting working with the video chat, they had to spend time getting to know the application better and getting accustomed to it;
  • Hacker attacks. Hackers use fake Zoom domains to spread malware and get access to other users’ video conferences. This is rather an exception than the rule, but cases of “information theft” may become more frequent due to the active use of the application.

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