How men fall in love

How men fall in love

You have long known this phenomenon from the observations of loved ones: one girlfriend is so in love that she loses her head at first sight and trumpets about it at every corner, reducing all conversations to the object of feelings, and the other reaches later than all friends, colleagues, acquaintances and relatives, that she has long been in love. The obvious truth, which no one will dispute: not everyone falls in love the same way, and this also applies to men.

However, scientists, great lovers of classifying and generalizing everything, found that there are similar trends that characterize the gender differences in love. The main conclusions report a few amazing insights and patterns that are worth reading, so that the amorous manifestations of the opposite sex is not a big surprise for you.

1. Men fall in love more quickly

It would seem that women fall in love with the speed of light and immediately tell their friends and colleagues about it, but researchers say that in fact, feelings for someone are developing faster in men. The Pennsylvania State University scientists based this verdict on psychological surveys in the Borough of Manhattan Community College, linking the respondents’ theses to the theory of evolution. Women from prehistoric eras accumulated in DNA an instinctive need to protect themselves and their offspring, which still dictates us to be cautious when choosing a partner.

2. Men used to confess their love

Studies have also confirmed that women need more time, not only to accept their feelings, but also to declare them to the object of love. Men are not frowned upon in reflection and weighing, so they confess their feelings more quickly. Psychologists have also noted an interesting point that characterizes the beginning of a relationship: men are ready to “I love you” earlier, and women – more often as soon as the cherished phrase first flies off their lips. In addition, the phrase is much more important for women than for men.

3. Men are more likely to fall in love

According to the research of the Department of Pedagogical Psychology and Leadership at Texas Tech University, typical female behavior is to fall in love, and then mobilize all the resources, or rather, selflessly break into a cake, convincing the chosen one that only you will be good to him. Men are known to be less concerned about constancy, falling in love faster, and much more often.

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