5 simple tips to build confidence and self-esteem

5 simple tips to build confidence and self-esteem

Belief in yourself is a magical force capable of destroying any obstacles that arise, as you know, in the head. Undervalued self-esteem smothers the positive mood even at the stage of desire, throwing the imagination of hopeless pictures of events. The path to the goal turns into a reflexive torment, and when everything is not so bad, the syndrome of the impostor, a faithful companion of personal doubts, negating the joy of intermediate and major achievements.

For those with low self-esteem, the world is a hostile environment that requires a daily struggle for a place in the sun. Such perception deprives the motivation for self-expression, instilling fear of new experiences and a sense of powerlessness because of the impossibility to change anything. All this further erodes the faith in oneself, dragging the process into a downward spiral.

1. Make 2 lists

Your strong qualities and your achievements. Involve a friend or relative in the process, as people with low self-esteem tend to biased assessments of their own talents and accomplishments. Then, if you are not embarrassed, hang both lists in a prominent place or just keep them in a safe place and reread them every morning.

2. Do not humiliate yourself

Disconnect the recharge of the “strict parent”, which since childhood has settled in your brain and prevents you from spreading your wings. Think about yourself in a positive way, do not spare kind words and enthusiastic epithets. Identify and drive away negative thoughts like “I’m a loser”, “I never do anything normal” or “Nobody loves me. Remind yourself more often that you are a unique and very valuable person, worthy of praise and inner pride.

3. Switch your attention to appearance

In fact, instead of suffering, take care of your own irresistibility: haircut, styling, manicure, hair removal, spa – spoil yourself on a permanent basis. And forget about leggings and long T-shirts – dress up so that the reflection in the mirror inspires a flirty smile.

4. Get used to eating right

Gradually switch to a healthy, balanced diet. Make breakfast, lunch and dinner a pleasant ritual, even if you eat alone. Turn off the TV, use beautiful dishes, light candles and enjoy the moment.

5. Exercise

Go for jogging or long walks (regardless of the weather), practice yoga or pilates, learn interval training or complexes of exercises that make you sweat (minus three times a week).

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