What to do if you’re being criticized

What to do if you’re being criticized

No one likes to criticize themselves, no matter how delicate it may sound. The development of social networks and the phenomenon of trolling only made the situation worse – it became much easier to express one’s opinion. 

No matter how much we convince you to the contrary, everyone knows very well that any comments – about looks, work, behavior, and even culinary abilities – affect our emotional health and self-esteem. So why not learn to give ubiquitous critics the right answer? This will help to maintain self-confidence and prove that you are not being provoked, able to draw the right conclusions and can confidently move forward. No resentment, complexes or disappointments. 

How to respond to criticism

1. The easiest way to find out what a harsh or acrimonious critic meant was to ask him about it. Bravely ask questions! What exactly are you dissatisfied with? What makes you think I shouldn’t do that? Did what I said hurt you? Why do you say that? This way you will have a better idea of the complaints and reasons for the other’s dissatisfaction. Often, it turns out that behind the criticism there are strong feelings and resentments, and the remark itself is not the final goal, and in a real man is worried about something else. For example, someone may be angry, not the fact that you came ten minutes later, but the experience that you do not take him seriously. 

2. Throw away all emotions and think. Is there any truth in the criticism of you? Could it be quite constructive remarks? It’s hard to agree that you’re doing something wrong or that your lifestyle isn’t the most appropriate. But it’s an important step in overcoming the situation. Feel the difference: words were said only to hurt you? Or is it possible to benefit from them in some way? Maybe you are really dressed up or behaving inappropriately to the situation or status, and with your remark another person did a big favor and you got a chance to become better. 

3. Learn to accept another person’s opinion, even if you don’t share it. Even if you don’t change your behavior because you disagree with criticism, at least admit that there is a different, permissible opinion and avoid attacks. 

4. If you understand that there is truth in the comments, and the criticism hears attention, work on yourself. For example: “You’re right, I’m regularly very late, it looks like it’s time to set two alarms so as not to oversleep”.

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