A few signs of falling in love

You may not know that you are in love, but your behavior can give you away with your head. And to unravel your secret, you don’t even need to be a super observant person.

By the way, when you are not yet in love, but are close to this state, it can also be understood. Do you know how? These are the right signs that you are about to fall in love. Tested and proven by science!

You are constantly looking at him

Well, everything is clear here – scientists might not have reminded. When you are still pulled to look at that guy one more time, it means that you are already a little bit obsessed. We know this without gentlemen of science, don’t we?

But here’s a new one. For those who are already happily in love. Couples who often look into each other’s eyes are usually much closer to each other than those who neglect these romantic nonsense. By the way, the effect was also tested on strangers. And, imagine, even if you play peeping with a complete stranger for a while, you may get a feeling of romantic attraction.

It’s as if you’re a little out of it

Do you feel that you are a little crazy? Scientists from the Kinsey Institute say it’s quite normal for those who are in love. The brain of a lover turns out to look just like the one that took the drug. The hormone of happiness and pleasure dopamine is to blame, which in both cases is particularly active. Because of his actions, lovers sometimes behave like crazy people.

You think about him all the time

Another hormone of happiness is also called a “love drug”. Because of its effect on the brain, you can’t get a guy out of your head no matter how hard you try. By the way, the same substance stands out in your head when you eat your favorite chocolate and you can’t stop and continue eating the second bar.

You have been under a lot of stress lately

Love provokes the production of stress hormone cortisol, and this substance makes you worry and worry. Sometimes you can even feel the fever because of it.

You do not feel pain as much as usual

Stanford University School of Medicine conducted an interesting experiment, during which participants were asked to look at photos of their loved ones. It turned out that this blissful contemplation helps to reduce moderate pain by 40% and strong pain by 15%.

You get new hobbies

Anyone wants to make an impression on someone they like. But if you notice that you start to copy almost all the hobbies of a cute acquaintance, stop immediately.

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How men fall in love

You have long known this phenomenon from the observations of loved ones: one girlfriend is so in love that she loses her head at first sight and trumpets about it at every corner, reducing all conversations to the object of feelings, and the other reaches later than all friends, colleagues, acquaintances and relatives, that she has long been in love. The obvious truth, which no one will dispute: not everyone falls in love the same way, and this also applies to men.

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Why online dating is better

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Things to avoid while dating online

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